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residential repair and installation

Residential – HVAC Repair and Installation

With decades of experience, the only company you want working on your HVAC system are the technicians from Specialty Air HVAC.

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Residential HVAC Service

When you need HVAC repair and installation, look no further than Specialty Air. We offer a variety of services to help you with your heating and air conditioning needs all over the Inland Empire of California. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can handle all your heating and cooling needs. From the smallest heating and cooling repairs to complete system upgrades, we can do it all.


Homeowners in California have trusted Specialty Air with all their HVAC, heating and air conditioning needs since 1974. With projects ranging in the thousands, we are one of California’s most trusted heating and cooling contractors.

When Do HVAC’s Most Often Break Down?

First of all, if you wait for the HVAC to break down before replacing it, then it will most likely fail in the summer or winter. The reason is that your HVAC system has to work hardest during the hottest and coldest months. So an older system might make it through the fall and spring, when the weather is generally mild, but then go out right when you need it most, whether that’s during a cold storm in January or a hot day in August.


Waiting for your system to fail before you replace it almost guarantees that you’ll end up stuck without heating or cooling at the worst possible time.

Give us a call ahead of time to maintain

Give us a call ahead of time to maintain the one you have, through replacing and repairing damaged parts back to OEM specs. If our diagnoses of your HVAC unit determines that you need a new one installed, we have you completely covered as we can have a new one installed in your home the same day! We’ve been servicing homes in Murrieta, California (and the surrounding areas) for over 40 years. Don’t just let anyone step into your property and work on some of the most complex and delicate equipment in your home.


Specialty Air have been trusted professionals since 1974! We’re able to offer same day service. So whether it’s in the winter and you need heat immediately or it’s the summer and you need to be cool – we can arrive on the scene. Thus, we can help save you time and money by offering affordable prices and being there when you need us.

The Premium HVAC Service in Hemet

Your air conditioning and heating systems naturally won’t repair themselves, that’s why our expert premium service specialists are here to get the work done. We never recruit just any kind of service technicians here at Specialty Air HVAC. We choose skilled professionals that are continually trained in the most up-to-date technologies, systems, and the major brand names, making absolutely certain we are equipped to deal with the issue correctly and effectively.

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